Learning English in London

Learning English in London is one of the best ways of learning and applying the English language at the same time.

Learning English in London provides the learner with an opportunity to learn the language in an authentic setting. As a matter of fact, one can learn English in any setting or set up that he wishes to do. However, learning the language in an environment where majority of the population speak the language is a big plus in the learning process.

There are many different theories of English language learning but one main school of thought emphasizes the importance of acquisition – that is, the learner’s exposure to actual use of the language plays a crucial role in the learning process. Learning English in London, where English is at the heart of communication, is a prime example of this theory.

There are many English learning centres in London – some of them part of traditional schools while others are solely dedicated to English language instruction. Here are some of the most popular and reliable English schools where you can learn English in London.

2 Comments about “Learning English in London”

  1. saima Says:

    i want improve my english. plz can u help me plz i m very greatful to u, i m waing 4 ur mail,thanks

  2. Mohammed Aweidah. Says:

    Dear Sir / Madam.
    My name is Mohammed Aweidah , from Jerusalem Israel , Iam 20 years old , i found your website through internet , and i would like to learn good english in England (reading , writing , grammer , practising) , can i join your school there , how much it will cost me ? , and how many weeks do i need ? , can you offer to me accommodation ?.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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