St. George International - English School

St. George International is proud to be one of the oldest language schools in London.

Not only that, St. George International offers some of the most comprehensive and intensive courses. They have a variety of programs designed to meet different needs. They are as follow:

General English Courses

These courses are especially for those who want to learn English for general purposes.

The focus is on improving the communication skills of the students while experiencing the way of living that Londoners have.

Business English Courses

These courses are meant for those with special needs for business communication.

Academic English Courses

These are University foundation courses.

TEFL Teacher Training

Individuals wanting certification for teaching English can undergo this training.

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  1. mydeen Says:

    Dear Sir,

    i humply require to you good self iam feeling for learning fluent english and speaking also, so pls could you send my email some about the video and some skills of grammar skills. don’t leav my communication.

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