Collections of English Literature and English Guide - Evaluations and Reviews
Annotated links to collections of literary guides and criticism, OPACs, discussion forums , bibliographies, dictionaries, journals and news groups, societies and associations, style guides, and full text collections.
Full text of numerous novels, Lewis Carroll, Emily Bronte , including works by Agatha Christie, Mark Twain, categorised by author and John Bunyan.
Collection of English language literary works, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, including drama and resources such as electronic journals and newsletter archives.
Provides free access to literary texts available in several languages and editions. Includes four full editions of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, Milton's Paradise Lost, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and the novels of Ja
Collection of full text books browsable by author or title, with recent additions highlighted.
Collection of out-of-copyright texts, including classic fiction, poetry and reference books.
Collection of material devoted primarily to English and American literatures, biographies, style manuals, concordances, journals, including links to dictionaries and full texts of novels, poems, and plays.
Searchable by title, author, or keyword, this full text literature collection comprises works of fiction, sci-fi and fantasy, hyperfiction, horror, romance, humour, non-fiction, crime, and material suitable for children. Publications can be listed by rati
Aims to create a library of electronically stored books, mostly classics, that can be downloaded free and viewed off-line.
Annotated links to biographical, bibliographic, and critical information on major modern and contemporary English-language writers. Offers general collections of American, postcolonial, and female writings, together with a selection of journals, magazines
Titles can be searched or browsed by author, title or Dewey Decimal Classification. Links to over 11000 online books.
Collection of digital documents, and Western philosophy texts, including American literature, English literature and Western philosophy texts, representing over 120 authors.
Number of reviews is 12 - Learning English Literature 1801 1870