Cultral Studies Courses and Education Guide - Evaluations and Reviews
Offers information on the construction and preservation of statues, and describes deities and pilgrimages associated with Nazca lines. Also features a slideshow of structur Historical and cultural information on Easter Island, Nazca Lines, and Stonehenge.
A moderated and edited mailing list where it is possible to ask people from other ethnic or cultural backgrounds questions on sensitive topics. Topics include those related to differences in age, class, disability, gender, geography, occupation, race and
The journal explores the relations of literature and the arts to the sciences and technology. Journal devoted to the study of discourse pertaining to the theories and practices of science, technology, and medicine.
Publishers of works in critical thought, cultural studies and politics.
Museum representing culture throughout the world with examples of art from a variety of civilisations. Sections include prehistoric art, antiquity, Western European art, the arsenal, Oriental art, Russian culture, numismatics such as banknotes, medals, de
Set of annotated links to online courses, assignments, course descriptions, tutorials and other materials used in the teaching of anthropology and archaeology.
Various civilisations are represented including African, Asian, Indian, Jewish, and Islamic. Additional resources relate to the history of science, gender studies, and issues An educational resource providing links to historical and cultural information.
Online magazine covering culture, body, society, spirit, and media and media, facilitating thought and discussion about new ideas.
Collection of resources dealing with many aspects of American cultural studies, with an emphasis on Native and African American issues, as well as ideologies of cultural theory and theorists.
Tables of contents only. Journal pioneering the study of noneconomic variables in the development process.
An alphabetical listing of all entries is provided. Searchable dictionary aiming to provide possible cultural significance of various symbols, and suggest ways in which those symbols may have been used in context.
A detailed study of the urban gang culture among Latin-American youths. The methodology is based upon a series of interviews and questionnaires, which sought to explore gang members' attitudes and experiences of home-life, schooling, social identity, and
Includes general information such as a chronology, maps, images, and a who's who of the Viking world. Also offers Fully searchable database, providing information pertaining to the worldwide social, economic, and cultural influence of the Viking peoples.
Also features geology, anthropology, and zoology collections. Visitor infor Exhibitions include The Life and Times of Washington State which traces the natural history of the region, and Pacific Voices which investigates the cultural heritage of the area.
Brief descriptions accompany each resource, and information is offered in English and Italian. Links to resources relating to the conservation of cultural heritage, restoration and maintenance of architecture, and preservation of the urban landscape.
Essays, reviews, and articles to promote discussion on postmodern culture.
Collection of links to timelines of past and fictional future events in the fields of history and culture, science and technology, art and literature, popular culture and current events, and science fiction. Specific entries include the Suffrage Movement
Outlines project activities, progress reports, and news and events. A fully searchable database and An RSLP funded project aiming to identify and map national research resources for Caribbean studies, and the history of Black and Asian people in Britain.
Set of links to resources dealing with ethnic, Asia / CIS, native and nationalists affairs throughout Africa, America and Oceania.
Science as Culture is a focus for stimulating debate and obtaining constructive criticism for articles.
Number of reviews is 20 - Cultral Exchange Learning