Dictionaries in the English Language and English Guide - Evaluations and Reviews

A meta-index for locating definitions, thesauri entries, quotations
Also offers recommendations of equivalent print-based dictionaries. Provides online versions of unusual dictionaries, including dictionaries of one-letter words, all-consonant words, and all-vowel words.
Index of online language dictionaries and resources, covering over 100 languages. Also includes a multi-language translator for Web pages and text, and information on online language courses, language chat sites, printed resources, ancient language resour
Extensively cross referenced, it is taken from Dr. Brewer's substantially revised and extended edition of Hypertext edition of a searchable and browsable dictionary which gives definitions and explanations of terms, cliches, phrases, and turns of phrase.
Also offers basic vocabulary for travellers in each language. Multilingual dictionary offering single and multiple word translation between English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Turkish.
A history of the English language is given, and differences in vocabulary, spelling and usage are highlighted. Explanantion of terms which differ in usage between American English and British English.
An English-Spanish translation dictionary, and an IFLA glossary of around 50, thesauri and Information Science literature.
A specific word is presented daily, along with a definition, and a citation illustrating its usage. Guide to recently coined words, existing words that have enjoyed a recent renaissance, and older words being used in new ways.
Online version of Roget's Thesaurus from the ARTFL project at the University of Chicago.
Searchable dictionary of American English, including introductory essays on the natural history of English, the Indo-European origin of English, and the mathematics of language. An accompanying guide discusses syllabication and pronunciation and explains
Glossary containing grammatical terms and explanation of their use and context.
Online English dictionary from Merriam-Webster Inc.
They are not exclusively bi-lingual dictionaries with English, or confined to European languages. Some subject specific dictionaries, for example a Norwegian Dictionary of Internet Terms are included Extensive list of dictionaries covering many languages.
Facilitates translation from English to German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Translation dictionary and search tool which can either be embedded in Web pages or incorporated into a browser.
Listings of Internet resources for writing and communication such as dictionaries, thesauri, grammar guides and research and reference sites.
Includes a search engine enabling narrow or broad-based searches for definitions and synonyms. Educational American English dictionary with an integrated thesaurus.
Features a buzzword dictionary, and a facility for users to contribute words for inclusion. Adopts a light-hearted approach to providing plain-English definitions of commonly used 'buzzwords'.
Reference source providing examples of long words, vowel-rich words, palindromes, those starting with Z, plurals and miscellaneous facts.
Search words are entered, producing a list of definitions of the word. Simple interface for accessing various dictionary services on the Internet.
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