English Poetry Authors and English Guide - Evaluations and Reviews

BCMSV (Brotherton Collection Manuscript Verse) is a database of around 4,600 items containing detailed information about the individual pieces of English poetry contained in the 17th and 18th century manuscripts in the Brotherton Collection of Leeds Unive
Literary magazine with reviews, features, new poetry and classic short fiction.
Database of ballads, bibliographies, texts, images and basic information about the Robin Hood stories and other outlaw tales.
Biographical and critical works about the writer are also provided, including part of Boswell's Life of Johnson. Full text of Johnson's poems, political writings and essays, including Rasselas, The Life of Pope and Selected Opinions.
Collection of poetry by British and Irish women written between 1789, the onset of the French Revolution, and 1832, the passage of the Reform Act, a period traditionally known in English literary history as the Romantic period. Features a browsable list o
Also includes a bibliography of reference works and a Modern English to Old English Vocabulary. Collection of old English poetry, prose, runic and liturgical texts.
Provides discussion forums on non-dramatic literature of the Elizabethan age, and how best to develop online editions of Spenser's work. Links to relat Full text of the poetry of Edmund Spenser, including Complaints, The Fowre Hymnes, and various sonnets.
Collection of verse and bibliographies of poets writing in English including Auden, James Joyce, Robert Frost, Ezra Pound, Eliot and William Carlos Williams.
Searchable and browsable archive of Owen's works comprising manuscript pages, video footage, letters, interviews with First World War veterans and photographs.
A slide show of selected poetry and illustrations by Blake is included. Full text of the Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake, edited by David V Erdman, and Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience, with stanza annotations.
A full text version of T S Eliot's series of poems about cats.
Also includes images of many poets, including W H Auden, Rupert Brooke and Edna St Vincent Millay. Contains the texts of around 5000 poems arranged alphabetically by author.
A chronological history of English poetry, from the early modern English of the Renaissance, 17th century and Augustan periods, though the romantic, Victorian, Georgian and modern eras, and covering the beat generation and postmodern works. Includes infor
Poetry resource bringing together contents of the Oxford Book of English Verse, Yale Book of American Verse, Modern British Poetry, Modern American Poetry, Metaphysical Lyrics and Poems of the 17th Century, and Palgrave's Golden Treasury. Indexes to poems
Full text of all Shakespeare's plays, arranged in the usual three categories: tragedy, comedy and history (based on the arrangement of the Complete Moby Shakespeare).
Texts include Upon the Circumcision, On Shakespear 1630, Psalm Translations, Paradise Lost, Paradise Regain'd, and The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce. A bibliography of selecte Collection of poetry and prose written by John Milton in the 17th century.
Information about the society's publications, news and events, including National Poetry Day.
Features the text and interpretation of several of the works of Christina Rossetti (1830-1896): the sonnet sequence, Speaking Likenesses, Monna Innominata, the novella and Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book.
Full text of Shelley's poems, with a biographical sketch and introductory notes by George Edward Woodberry.
Covers topics such as metre, rhythm, control and conformity in verse, annotation, and historical theories of stress. Also available in French. Course material and sample assignments for the teaching and learning of poetry at undergraduate level.
Number of reviews is 20 - Research on English Literature to 1800