International Gender Studies Resources and Education Guide - Evaluations and Reviews
Search results are returned in German and English. Gender Inn is a database of over 5000 records about feminist theory, feminist literary criticism and gender studies from 1950 to the present.
A moderated and edited mailing list where it is possible to ask people from other ethnic or cultural backgrounds questions on sensitive topics. Topics include those related to differences in age, class, disability, gender, geography, occupation, race and
Alphabetical list of over 100 selected women's and gender related sites of all types.
Collection of information intended to encourage research into feminist theory, international dialogue and the generation of new ideas about feminist theory and women's movements. Provides bibliographies of material within various fields of feminism includ
Covers social norms, laws, economic institutions and growth, and policy making, with a view to promoting gender equality. Report is presented as a PDF file. World Bank report addressing issues relating to gender and development.
As well as academic subjects topics include religion and spirituality lists, health lists, motherhood lists, and womens studies lists. An annotated collection of over 200 women's issues and gender studies email lists.
Report of a study assessing the state of knowledge about gender inequality and trade, informing the development of policy in this area, and identifying areas for future policy relevant research. Reviews existing research on gender and trade, and provides
Multi-disciplinary online journal for scholarly debate on gender related issues in Judaism. Aims to promote the reconceptualisation of the study of Judaism by acknowledging and incorporating the roles played by women, and by encouraging the development of
Topics include Hispanic-American and African-American heritage, feminist studies, poetry, and literature. Collection of cultural information comprising biographies, music, timelines, quizzes, and historical data.
Sources can be searched by subject or by name. Additional information comprises a bibliography and other relevant Interne Compilation of biographical and reference data pertaining to eminent women of cultural and historical significance, past and present.
Includes sections on role models, queer theory, Michel Foucault and Judith Butler. Materials about the mass media and its relationship to people's identities, lives, gender and behaviour.
Includes articles dealing with the experiences of boys and men as well as girls and women. Submission and ordering A journal that aids the distribution and exchange of feminist research and ideas in the multi-disciplinary, international area of education.
Resources include teaching materials such as papers and study guides covering topics like women's spirituality, ancient social life, ancient and modern attitudes, gender and sexuality, and the status of women in ancient societies. Also features anthology
A large index to Internet resources, culture, minorities , such as literature, gender issues, divided into headings and religious studies, as well as more common humanities subjects.
The purpose of WSSLinks is to provide access to a wide range of resources in support of Women's Studies. It is organised into sections including art and film, culture and literature, education, history, lesbian sites, music, philosophy, politics, science
Provides a focal point for geography and related disciplines concerned with gender issues. Topics include geographical variations in gender divisions and structures of patriarchy, cultural construction and cultural politics of gender, and the intersection
Extensive index of topics and academic Internet resources seen from the perspective of lesbians and gay men. Includes summaries of governments reports, legal issues, statistics, and details of personal lives of historical figures that have been omitted, h
Offers articles such as Crossing Gender Boundaries in China: Nushu Narratives, and Ethnography and Video: Researching Women in China's Floating Population. Refereed journal for historical and cultural gender studies in Asia.
Number of reviews is 18 - Advanced Further Education