Skills in Writing and Education Guide - Evaluations and Reviews
Offers guidelines on the composition of press releases covering essential tips such as ensuring a piece is newsworthy, and sticking to facts, together with details of basic elements defined as headline, dateline, leading paragraph, and recap. Also feature
Computer program to automatically generate a plausible letter of complaint about any individual nominated by the user.
Discusses and updates the paper style manual, Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age, which provides advice on writing fluently and colloquially about the electronic world. Tackles the meaning and usage of buzzwords and acronyms, the origins of te
Collection of resources for writers, a directory of competitions, including a listing of small press magazines and writing tips.
US organisation established to encourage good practice in documentary editing by promoting cooperation and information exchange among editors. Responsible for setting standards regarding documentary editions, the group provides access to a range of projec
Sets out the elementary rules of English usage and principles of composition. Also looks at words and expressions which are commonly misused. Full text of William Strunk's 1918 reference work.
Covers issues including writing style, structure, the use of evidence, and paper mechanics. Students and educators can access sections, such as those dealing with the use of the hi A guide aiming to enhance the students' skill of essay and report writing.
Focusing on the promotion of Web pages, this resource provides guidance on how to create effective press releases. Explains how to structure a media release and what to include in the headline, the opening and closing paragraphs, and the main body, with i
Information about using the Internet in the writing process, including Internet dialogues, researching using the Net and web authoring.
Topics range from general skills to specific writing formats and guides for non-native English speakers. Tips on writing assignments from instructors at the University of Toronto.
Also explains when and how to use subjects and verbs, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, and outlines specific usage problems such as effect vs. affect. Reference publication presenting a series of rules to be followed when using various punctuation marks.
Free tools, and tricks of the trade for working writers, tips
The primary goal is to help writers improve their writing skills by offering a variety of online services and materials. The Online Writing Lab is designed to offer distance learning for the Purdue community as well as other Internet users.
Includes information on organising, revising and editing work and writing various types of essay. Sections Aims to aid writers by concentrating on helping students conceive a writing product, rather than giving detailed instructions on grammar and style.
The 'Libraries' section provides information on research, publishing and learning HTML. A set of annotated links to literary resources including author pages, book reviews, mailing lists and writing classes.
Guidelines on the use of grammar at sentence, paragraph, and essay level. Contains sections on sentence parts and word functions, articles and determiners, position of modifiers, abbreviations, sentence variety, coherence and transitions, and paragraph de
Guide for engineers, researchers, and scientists explaining the basics of writing technical reports which are accurate and easy to read. Each stage of report writing is discussed, from preparation, style, and composing introductions to describing experime
Contains articles on improving writing skills, screenwriting, writing markets, Internet writing, journalism, business writing, the publishing industry and scholarly articles on related topics.
List of links to resources concerned with the epistolary tradition, Einstein's letters to F D Roosevelt, fictitious letters by Mark Twain, letters from war fronts, including Jane Austen's views on letter writing and a selection of love letters.
Includes access to a forum for discussion with screenwriters. A collection of annotated links to UK film and screenwriting resources.
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