Studies in Publishing and Education Guide - Evaluations and Reviews
Database of over 150,000 international print and electronic publications including magazines, journals, e-journals, newsletters, and monographs. Provides access to publication information including, titles, formats, publisher addresses, editor contacts, c
Concerned with 20th century illustrated books. Includes a gallery for the exhibition of fine book and related arts, catalogues of books available for sale, and the Colophon Journal which is designed to explore the publishing paradigms created by the World
Magazine archives available from 1995. Details of bestselling titles, careers information, and a guide to book publishing in Britain.
Paper comparing the costs of traditional publishing methods with electronic opportunities.
Trade association of around 80 Scottish publishers, founded in 1974, which helps its members to market their books and is a source of information about publishing in general for publishers, the media and the public. Online information includes the Scottis
Association of UK magazine publishers.
Twenty-eight countries are listed along with links to international and multinational sites, and other links related to publishing. Publishers' web sites listed by country.
Biographical information on prominent British book and newspaper publishers.
Links to numerous online resources about Africa, African studies, and African publishing.
Resource tracing the history of the printing industry, giving examples of decorative initials, which may be downloaded and used freely, and masterpieces in typography and page decoration from the days of Gutenberg and throughout the 17th century. Also pro
Contains articles covering major publishing issues such as peer review, consortia, linking, copyright, and licensing, and offers an email alerting service for new issues. Full text version of the journal from 1997 onwards, available free of charge.
US organisation established to encourage good practice in documentary editing by promoting cooperation and information exchange among editors. Responsible for setting standards regarding documentary editions, the group provides access to a range of projec
Contains articles on improving writing skills, screenwriting, writing markets, Internet writing, journalism, business writing, the publishing industry and scholarly articles on related topics.
Aims to provide accurate and current research information about the industry for its members and others. Includes the BISAC Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Guide. A not-for profit research organisation with members from the publishing community.
Details of online and bibliographic resources on publishing and book development in Africa, journals and newsletters containing articles on various aspects of African publishing, and addresses of African publishers.
ALPSP is a meeting point for those involved in the publication of academic and professional books and journals.
Benefits and drawbacks of such a program for authors and publishers are discussed. Article detailing a program established that enables authors to submit journal contributions electronically using SGML.
Biographies of journalists, publishers, illustrators, artists, and cartoonists, such as Charles Dickens, John Tenniel, William Blake, and William Hogarth. Also covers newspapers and journals, both national and provincial, including The Times, The Edinburg
Offers original articles and features about publishing, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject-specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include book awards,
Provides access to online catalogues and subject-specific information held by academic publishers. Subjects are arranged in categories such as Humanities and Social Sciences, Business and Professional, Education, Reference, and Scientific, Technical and M
Number of reviews is 20 - Studies of Population